BLDG Workshop — Home on a Lake of a Thousand Colours
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Home on a Lake of a Thousand Colours
// Kalamalka Lake, BC

2017 / Kalamalka Lake, BC /

A home built on one of Canada’s most beautiful lakes posed a design challenge. The home had originally been built in almost direct opposition to natural light and views to the lake. While most opinions were to tear the existing home down, BLDG Workshop worked closely with the client to recreate the home in a way that opened it up and became more fitting to the site.

Nicknamed the “Lake of a Thousand Colours” for its brilliant coloration, Kalamalka Lake was a driving inspiration behind the home’s redesign. The design became an exercise in slicing, dicing and carving to let light in from every single direction so the home can be immersed in the beauty of the landscape and bathed in natural light.

Construction by Heartwood Homes

Interior Design by Adrianne Bailie Design

Photography by Erin Ocampo, Jon Adrian & Jill Penner

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