BLDG Workshop — Caledon Mountain Home
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2015 / Caledon, ON /

The rolling hills, winding rivers and sharp escarpment cliffs mark the breathtaking scenery surrounding the area of Forks of the Credit in Caledon. The existing A-frame home set in this landscape cried out to be re-engaged with for a new family and generation. The design process and construction was very much client-driven while BLDG Workshop moved out of a traditional designer role to additionally support the construction.

Internally there was an opportunity to create a new overall style that combined a breadth of stylistic appreciations including industrial, farmhouse, mid-century and modern tastes. The soaring rooflines afforded by the A-frame allows the distinct styles to breathe sufficiently, creating a new aesthetic to further uplift the home.

Interior Design by Eddie Cimbron-Corner

Photography by Kristine Buban

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