BLDG Workshop — Analog Home
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Analog Home
// Toronto

2011 / Toronto /

The design of this custom home accommodates the needs of an audiophile and his creative family in suburban Toronto.

The client’s expansive record collection and equipment had been banished to the basement for a generation. A major focus of the design was to locate the music centrally; allowing it to be at the heart of the home.

In addition to the creation of the Analog Room, interior spaces have been provided for art and recording studios. A contemporary interior design includes an open floor plan and extensive glazing to afford expansive views of a large park. The exterior architectural design attempts to harmonize the homeowners’ preference for West Coast architecture with the modernist intent of the original neighbourhood.

The Don Mills neighbourhood was originally designed to create a new type of community plan for Canada including the promotion of modern architecture and Bauhaus design principles within the context of family and community life. The Analog Home patterns itself along these same principles, using architectural design to enhance quality of life.

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