Quigg House

Completion 2013
Location Toronto

The tremendous location of this home, overlooking one of Toronto’s beautiful, deep ravines, is closely rivaled by it’s history, the original owner being John Quigg.

Quigg was the President of Knoll Canada, the Executive Director of the Interior Designers of Ontario (later ARIDO) and the lead Interior Designer working with Viljo Revell in the creation of New City Hall in Toronto. His work on City Hall inspired numerous similar elements and details in the interior design of his personal mid-century modern home. The new owner of this Eichler inspired Toronto home has worked to salvage and preserve this detailing while creating a thorough renovation of the home.

The siting of the home is overlooking a large Toronto ravine and the major focus of the design intent was to make the house engage with this striking exterior landscape. Rather than using a typical approach of simply glazing a large portion of the home overlooking the ravine, the design “brings the inside out” by creating a curtain wall tower set out into the ravine. Glass floors have been introduced to create the sense that the user is sited, or even ‘floating’, within the trees. A similar glass tower and contrasting wood detailing is employed at the front of the home to create an entrance that was originally overlooked within the design of the home.