Completion 2012
Location Bercy, Haiti

CPR-3 is a relief organization working primarily in Haiti through partnerships with other organizations.

The goal of their relief effort is to create scaleable and sustainable methods of aid through education, training, agriculture and commerce. In addition to an existing orphanage, school and hospital, CPR-3 has engaged BLDG Workshop to help in the creation of a new Training Centre that will focus on community renewal.

Sustainable design features of the building will include large solar arrays and a rainwater harvesting program through the use of sweeping rooflines and an enormous underground cistern. The use of these methods will allow the Training Centre itself to act as a net zero building.

BLDG Workshop is also creating master plan visuals that will initiate an expanding vision. The full extent of this vision will include various models of micro-finance and micro-agriculture that will intend to create a healthier country and economy through investing in people. The site has already produced a new water source for the surrounding community and will provide nutrition through a program of reforestation using vitamin-rich Moringa trees.

The ultimate goal will be to see this model reproduced throughout the country of Haiti in order to aid in the rehabilitation of the country.