published October 11 2012

Toronto Optimist Club

Since last weekend’s leak on Urban Toronto and subsequent unveiling of Frank Gehry’s new development in Toronto, the city has been abuzz about the project. While a consensus hasn’t yet been reached, it seems the overall attitude towards the project is somewhat more optimistic than my recent blog post detailing the utter disdain that Gehry receives from Comments sections. Before moving on to more cheerful matters, I’d like to use Exhibit A: “Comments sections” as evidence against the notion that our society is progressing and becoming more enlightened.

So, more cheerful matters; namely, a general optimism about the city of Toronto. With everyone talking about Gehry, Mirvish and “toilet paper facades”, etc… it seems many missed an incredibly beautiful article recently penned by Christopher Hume named Ten Reasons to be Optimistic About Toronto. I guess The Architectural Critic really is dead, because everyone knows an optimist is not a critic; this is a critic.

Making Hume’s optimism more interesting was the fact that I originally found the article retweeted by Jennifer Keesmaat ( @jen_keesmaat, and a nice introduction from Spacing here ) who happens to be Toronto’s new Chief Planner. Following Ms. Keesmaat for some time, it seems she’s also excited about Toronto’s future and is always talking about it at “normal-person-scale”. How the bureaucracy of City Hall went off the boards to make such a “seems-to-be-a-fantastic-decision” for Chief Planner is perhaps the greatest hope for the future of Toronto.

That’s about all I have to say about that.