published September 24 2015

The Globe and Mail features new work

As huge fans of Dwell, we were stoked when our Bunkie showed up there and in the Globe!

We were even more excited to speak with the Globe & Mail about our all-time favourite project the Moxley Home.

We spoke with The Architourist Dave Leblanc and you can read the full story here.

Once a firm has established a track record of doing quality, thoughtful work it’s fairly easy to find clients willing to let them do more of that work. What we find trickier is finding clients that will let us do work that stretches the fabric of conventional modern work – to do excellent work that pushes to create an even more forward-thinking architecture.

The Moxley Home was just that client and project for us. While still unbuilt, we hope that the design undertaking will still pay dividends in this project and future ones!

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