published May 4 2014

Go Canada

One of the great things that keeps growing is Canadian design so excellent that it feels it’s well along the way of creating its own design language.

The best resource I know for this continued development is The Canadian Design Resource. Run by a gentleman named Todd Falkowsky, it champions the great design done in our great country better than any platform that I’ve seen.

They recently ran a fantastic article featuring great Canadian furniture designers. In it they included two of my very favourites: Evan Bare and Miles Keller.

Evan’s work would tend along the variety of design that feels very barren (is that referencing Canada itself, or just a beautiful aesthetic?!) while Miles is happy to create pieces that clearly reference Canadian iconography (as seen in the “snowshoe” lounger featured in the CDR article).

On the architectural front there are also practitioners creating work that feels extremely sympathetic to the Canadian landscape. Again, it feels like there is a developing aesthetic and detailing that could really be considered Canadian. It would be hard to argue that it doesn’t borrow heavily from Scandinavian, American and even Japanese design, but it still feels like it’s ours.

An East Coast example of this would be Omar Gandhi; his Moore Studio works with this idea of very clean detailing that creates a very serene overall feel. Here in Ontario, AKB keeps creating work that is wonderfully comparable or contrasted to the wintery scenes it finds itself in. While not their most famous work, I am a huge fan of the simplicity of their Clearview Chalet. Out west, D’arcy Jones has recently completed the Friesen-Wong House. After being so lucky as to be given a guided tour during construction, my sister took me to view the finished home in person. Despite being a new build, the home felt as if it had been there as long as the pine trees and rock outcroppings of the arid, Okanagan site.

So, go Canada.