published August 16 2012


I was recently asked what my favorite part of our work is; I answered that it is all of the great, creative people that we inevitably come into contact with. I referenced a recent project where the client adorned the home with beautiful paintings by her very talented sister Laura Wallace.

What I find equally exciting is great designers who used to just be random kids you were growing up with. My friend Heather Dahl of Dahlhaus Studio was recently in town to promote a show at Bookhou before speaking at the Gardiner Museum. She used to just busy herself with making pancakes for us before band practice (The Shermans – equal parts Slowdive and The Smiths – were probably the best band you’ve never heard of). Another important member of that crew was Curtis Hildebrand (Heather’s photographer) is a great artist, but used to just be a skate kid with a really cool “Oh Hayden” t-shirt. Other members of that group grew up to be part of a revolutionary skatepark company.

I guess maybe it’s the camaraderie. Those of us who didn’t fit in very well in high school still always felt like we had something to give to the world. It’s nice that’s started to come to fruition as we’ve moved away from those years.