published July 25 2012
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I have always been fascinated by the disconnect between architectural knowledge and architectural output.

At one point I worked in an architectural firm with a truly gifted man who had received his Masters in Art history from Columbia University before starting his architectural studies and career. He was a gifted teacher and very generous with his time and knowledge. I learned and grew a great deal while working in his office. My task for much of the time I worked there, however: detailing chain-link garbage enclosures. (The author realizes that this anecdote has the ability to be more offensive than illustrative; the point, of course, is to be illustrative!)

Alex Bozikovic recently interviewed Winnipeg firm 5468796 Architecture about some of their outstanding work ( The following quote stood out to me: “Architects that want to push the edge a little usually start with theoretical work and publications – but we’ve been doing it in the built world.”

Based on the quality of their work, this thought makes me wonder if the built world couldn’t be a much more inspiring place. The question is obviously simplistic, but what if architects spent more time aspiring to the reaches of their knowledge and creativity?

Sure, architecture isn’t just about creating inspired, inspiring work. It’s also about problem-solving and has to respond to hundreds of problems, not the least of which is financial (both for the architect and the financier). Wouldn’t it be more fun (both for the architect and the financier), however, if it USUALLY responded in as satisfying a manner as Bloc_10?